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Roundup: Grey

Defined as the intermediate color between black and white, it’s surprising that it took so long for grey to rise to power in the fashion world. Long associated with 80’s drab, grey has reintroduced itself as a contemporary neutral, ready to update any look.

Always one to set the bar, Gerard Yosca recently introduced his new collection “Shades of Grey.” According to Gerard, “Grey reduces forms to their essence, and makes you see them in a new way.” ….Yeah, what he said! Did we mention that Gerard will be here in person on November 13th?!


Gerard Yosca, $415

We’ve all been gold-obsessed lately, but silver is a lovely and bright alternative that’s piqued our interest. It’s always good to mix things up.



Clutch by Whiting & Davis, $198 :: Necklace by French Kande, $255 :: Bracelets by Be-Je (listing from top to bottom) $195, $165, $228


Jersey with velvet burnout top by Hale Bob, $220


A MUST-HAVE: Faux leather grey leggings by Hale Bob, $158


(From left to right)  Dolman sweater w/faux leather sleeves by Autumn Cashmere:: $445, Striped tee by Bailey44, $115 :: Sheer silk top by Gold Hawk $185

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