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It was after looking through a dozen different lines at Coterie, the big semi-annual market in New York, that we realized how major this trend is: leather is EVERYWHERE this fall. On the sleeves of tee shirts, composing entire dresses, adorning sweaters, even in hair accessories.

This is not the Hell’s Angel’s leather. It’s restrained in feminine silhouettes, toned down with other textures (think cozy knits), and matched with organic and tribal shapes in jewelry.

Bailey44 Leather Dress

Faux Leather Tank Dress by Bailey44. Crochet Cardigan by Gold Hawk. Necklace by Gerard Yosca.

Bailey 44 Leather Dress 2

The leather skirt has long been sequestered to the nightclub, where said skirt might be paired with a sequined top and sky-high pumps to compose an outfit ready for the ‘walk of shame.’

This is not that leather, either. This is ready for the daylight, for the office even. Matched with blousy silk tops in neutral colors, that leather skirt has just become a new staple.

Bailey44 Leather Mini

Leather Mini Skirt by Bailey44. Silk top by Gold Hawk. Necklace and Bangles by BeJe.

Bailey44 Leather Mini 2

The best part is: these pieces can be worn now, as shown, and later – just throw on tights and boots. Versatility ups the appeal of everything, doesn’t it?

Bailey44 Leather Pencil

Leather Pencil Skirt by Bailey44. Top by Michael Stars. Necklace by Gerard Yosca. Bag by Inzi.

Bailey44 Leather Pencil